Koper (SL), Trieste (IT), Pula (HR), and surroundings

Do you often cross the border to study, work, or spend some free time? Tell us your experience with one photo and get a 20€ Amazon Card. 

Photos can show any aspect – good or bad – of your cross-border experience. Frame a moment with one image and share it with us. This is not an art contest; your mobile camera will do just fine! Photos don’t have to be beautiful or special, they only have to show something important for you. 

After submitting your photo and playing a 5 minutes Q&A game you will receive an Amazon gift card for the value of 20 euros. Just enough to buy a book of your choice. 

This initiative is open till 10/10/2021 only for students currently enrolled in any university in Trieste, Pula, and Koper.


The digital contest “Cross-border City” practically consists of 3 steps: 

  1. Take a photo that would show an aspect of your cross-border experience. For example, you can share an image of your commute, your daily life, the places and the qualities that bring you across the border, or simply the means of transportation and the struggles you encounter. You can pick some of those aspects or come up with whole new ones, there are no limitations. Show something you consider good, or elements you consider bad, or both. Images do not have to be beautiful or artistic. They can be taken with any mobile device or camera. Quality and resolution are not restricted. 
  2. Submit your photo below and enter the Q&A Game. We will ask you to complete five simple minigames, elaborating further on your point of view. This should take approximately 5 to 10 minutes.
  3. The first 100 participants to complete the submission and Q&A Game fulfilling all the requirements will receive a 20 euros gift card. Gift cards are distributed amongst different institutions as follows: 40 for Koper, 30 for Pula, and 30 for Trieste. The gift card is intended to cover the average price of a book, or any other item acquirable on Amazon for the same value.  Submissions operated after receiving the first 100 will not receive any reward.


The initiative will run from 2nd September 2021 to 10th October 2021. 

Gift cards will be sent within two weeks from submission to the contest. 


The digital contest “Cross-border City” is organized by Non Architecture Studio for ISINNOVA as part of the ESPON / EU funded “Quality of Life Measurements and Methodology: ESPON QoL spin-off Slovenia” project. Your input will be used to inform researchers, policymakers, and governmental agencies on what is quality of life across the border and what indicators can be used to measure it. 

Photographic material submitted and information collected through the Q&A game will be stored & used according to the following Terms and Conditions. 

This initiative is open only to students currently enrolled in any university in Trieste, Pula or Koper. Your university email account will be required to access the digital contest.

You are allowed to participate only once. Further submissions will not be accepted