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At the Non Architecture Studio

we mix expertise in digital marketing, urban development and gamification, to help our partners open their processes to designers and citizens.


We work with young designers:

+ NonA community of 8000+ users,

+ from 183 countries

+ 57.7K Instagram followers

+ 50k web visitors/year


We activate citizens:

+ Using familiar mediums and languages

+ With marketing tricks applied to participation

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RE-DRAW.02: Fallingwater

We collaborated with the Fallingwater foundation to reinterpret Frank Lloyd Wright’s masterpiece


Cross-border city

We helped university students from Italy, Slovenia and Croatia to express their views in an EU-funded project on Quality of Life.


Learning – Alternative designs for universities

We helped integrating architecture in research on the future of universities


Community 2050

With design teams from 40 countries, we created 150 scenarios for future communities in Amsterdam and Shenzhen.


What they say about us:



Principal Researcher at ICS-ULisboa, coordinator of the INTREPID COST action

There are three reasons, at least, why the concept, methods and networks of NonA provide much needed quality support to the exploration of alternative futures: they can reach fast and wide across nations and cultures, providing precious diversity and plurality of voices, especially younger generations; they bring creative, out of the box thinking to an otherwise colonised space for imaginaries; and they increasingly bridge across disciplines to offer richer answers to the urgent questions of our times.

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