It is a possibility, as an experience for the architecture office of the future;

It is the search for a new space for open-source working;

It is the model of a new type of social aggregation;

It is the space to experience the collaboration between Architects and Others;

It is a technologically advanced project, sustainable at environmental, social and economic levels;

It is an accurate design of interiors and portable objects, which transmits the flexibility and the atmosphere of the well-being.

This research stems from the desire to reflect on the times and ways of open-source working; it showcases a design process for work, based on the perceptual and psychological theories of space.



In a world driven by excellence and performance, work is a cornerstone of physical and mental health. One-third of people’s life and 40% of their awake time is spent at work! This means that office spaces have a larger influence on people’s health than most other buildings. Architecture practices are well-known for extensive working hours and time-pressured tasks that make this field one of the most exhausting workplaces, prone to cause burn-outs. Sitting, eating, looking, moving, talking, breathing, walking, hearing, calling, drawing, cutting,.. are all actions architects do repeatedly in an architecture office space that often was not designed for the current working style. This raises the question whether the design of the future architecture office could contribute to the physical and mental wellbeing of its workers. Amidst stress, pressure, and uncertainty, the architecture office studio should be the refuge of the architect.



Para (παρά): beside; next to, near, from; against, contrary to.
Site : surface, position, place, situation, occupation, location, extension.
Architectural practice for development in different scales of objects, environments and experiences.
Since its establishment in 2018, the core of the studio lies in exploring boundaries of space and daily life.
Based on the interests of each client, they are dedicated to bring refined solutions connected with the spirit of the place.
Their work has received several awards and has been featured internationally in digital and printed media.

Gabriel Garcia, Venezuela, architect (Parasite Office), Non Architecture Competition community member;
Juan Carlos Moreno, Venezuela, architect (Parasite Office), Non Architecture Competition community member;
Saul Yuncoxar, Venezuela, architect (Parasite Office), Non Architecture Competition community member.