The exhibition “Learning – Alternative design for universities” was hosted in the gallery of the Architects Association of Lisbon’s headquarter on June 18th 2019.

It consists of a presentation of the 50 finalist projects of the “Learning – Alternative Designs for Universities” contest, organised in collaboration with Intrepid Knowledge and COST.

The aim of the competition was to develop a project proposal for universities, intended to be a space for higher education at all levels and disciplines.

Participants were invited to create innovative and unconventional projects on the topic, questioning the very basis of the notion of university and investigating what kind of space resources could support or enable future learning processes.

The proposal could have been a device, a piece of furniture, an interior design project, a pavilion, a building or an urban plan. To give greater freedom of conception, no scale of intervention, dimensions of the program or location were requested so that participants could give the best answer to the challenge.



On January 2019, the 50 finalists of the “Learning – Alternative Designs for Universities” competition were exhibited in the King’s Road Boiler House situated at the heart of the University Campus of Newcastle University in England.

The exhibition presented the 50 shortlisted projects that better embedded the values of the competition.