What is not architecture, yet!?

Non Architecture Studio is the branch of Non Architecture dedicated to private organizations, institutional clients and partners.

Our multidisciplinary team develops tailored collaboration and co-creation models within the realm of architecture, urban planning, research, and participation.

As its unique feature, the Studio engages the Non Architecture community in its working process, reaching designers throughout the globe.

Is this the future of our cities?

Usually only few key actors are involved in early-stage decision-making on urban transformations, while citizens keep losing trust in institutions.

Image created using MidJourney. Prompt: Politicians in a park giving a press conference.

Our Mission

To open conversations about cities


transdisciplinary perspective
& design-thinking


creative feedback
& plurality of vision

Our Vision

Help high-level decision-making with co-creation processes that are:

Community driven

crowd-sourced or carried out by a group of selected participants.

About sustainalbe Development

SDG-oriented, inclusive and accesible.

Creative & Fun

gamified and focused on visual inputs.


digital & physical built environment.


both in terms of processes, participation of younger generations, and content produce.


gamified and focused on visual inputs.

Our Platforms

Non Architecture

a design community platform with more than 8.000 designers

Non Architecture Journal

an open-source editorial platform for content sharing with +1000 submissions.


a gamified community on Discord

Non Architecture Studio

a specialist team for dedicated co-design actions

Our Team

Luca de Stefano

Creative Director - Amsterdam (NL)

Marco Mattia Cristofori

Director - Berlin (DE)

Daniela Silva

Editor + Researcher - Lisbon (PT)

Francisco Rivera

Head of Marketing - Mexico City (MX)

Matilde Mellini

Project Manager - Riyadh (KSA)

Borbala Papp

Communications Manager - Budapest (HU)

Ayça Özüm Sevinç

Online Content - Rotterdam (NL)

Mar Muñoz Aparici

Project Curator - Amsterdam (NL)

Alexandre Estellés

Development - Valencia (ES)

Jade Wang

Project Coord - China Beijing (CN)

Wujingting Zeng

Project Coord. - China Beijing (CN)

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