H2O – Designing water crisis solutions



Competition series developed by Non Architecture to discover innovative design ideas, framed in three competitions: (Under) Water Park / Waterless World / Amsterdam Cycling Bridge

PROJECT: (Non) Architectural Contest
YEAR: 2021
DURATION: 4 months
MEDIA PARTNERS: KoozArch, AxoMadness, C_A_G_E_, ArqPedia, Archit Magazine, ActOfMapping

Covering 71% of the Earth, it is now time to look at water again as a harbinger of life in the near future; a place where human life can again thrive in its original glory. Creating living spaces on water will soon become vital for survival as a response to the emerging ecological crises. It is a burning question as to how we are going to address the relationship between the contrasting aspects of ecological crises and technological advancement for building our futures. What kind of role will water play in future urban living?

H2O is a compilation of design challenges that aim to approach the element of water from different perspectives.

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