War Cities – Utopian vs dystopian scenarios

War Cities


A competition was launched by Non Architecture to raise awareness of the current war events in Ukraine and to help refugees by donating the profits of this competition to the Voices of Children organization.

PROJECT: (Non) Architectural Contest
YEAR: 2022x
DURATION: 2 months
ORGANIZER: Non Architecture

Participants of this competition were asked to submit one image, composed of two visualizations of the same site, to represent a war scenario. This time we challenged all designers to imagine the impact of war in the built environment. Being the main topic about war scenarios, designers were free to decide the location of the visualization: represent any location in the world, as long as reviewed through the lenses of conflict. The image could be set in their hometown, a familiar city or a landscape, which is today at peace. What would this location look like if it was at war?
Similarly, the location can be set in an area with ongoing conflict, where the impact of war is already tangible in everyday horror.

With the recent invasion of Ukraine, we’re reminded that more often than not, human lives aren’t the only casualties of war. Priceless heritage also tend to pay the price of fighting. What a world that had never witnessed a war scenario would look like? What would be a world facing a perpetual war?

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