Into The Wild – Architectural ventures in nature



Competition series developed by Non Architecture to explore topics within the realm of architecture and design connected to nature.
Framed in three competitions:
Remote Work Cabin
Manhattan Wildscraper
Re-nature Rome

PROJECT: (Non) Architectural Contest
YEAR: 2021
DURATION: 6 months
MEDIA PARTNERS: Archez International, Go Architecture, Creative Mood Architecture, Entre Estilos Arquitectura, Urban Design Lab, Landscape.first, KoozArch, Show it better, Arch Buddies, architectureONpaper

Nature is the designer of this world. We have always imagined and represented nature in a great many ways across history, painting it and worshipping it since ancient history. Today we ended up undervalued it.

Humanity is dependent on a delicate environmental balance to survive, yet our society largely acts as if this is not the case, resulting in biodiversity loss and contamination of natural habitats, including ours. The energy that powers our very cells, the nutrients that make up our bodies, the ecosystem services that clean our water and make our air breathable; these are all provided by nature from which we have evolved and of which we are a part of.

Into the Wild is a compilation of design challenges that aim to approach the element of nature in different perspectives.

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