Next Move – Future mobility, trend and solutions



Competition series developed by Non Architecture to collect design ideas dedicated to the options of mobility in the future.
Framed in three competitions:
Spacecraft Design
Street of Tomorrow
Hong Kong Drone Port

PROJECT: (Non) Architectural Contest
YEAR: 2026
DURATION: 6 months
MEDIA PARTNERS: KoozArch, ArchVizz, Toffu.Co, C_A_G_E_, ArchiBoom, ActOfMapping, AxoMadness

The contribution of transport to economic development and human capital is undeniable. Transport shapes our lifestyles and underpins everything that we do – the way people travel to work or leisure, how businesses send employees to meet customers, and how firms ship products to distribution centers. Our lives and livelihoods depend on mobility.
Since the 18th century, mechanization allowed each transportation mode to experience an evolution in motive methods and vehicles. The first most meaningful innovation was the steam engine that improved the performance of the maritime and railway modes at the end of the century.

In a future where mobility is sustainable, cities and remote communities in rural areas will all be connected to jobs, markets and opportunities, so that no one is left behind. Transport will become the lifeline for all, including vulnerable groups as transport services will reach them all.

Next Move is a compilation of design challenges that aim to approach the idea of transportation in different perspectives.

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