Living together – future urban communities



Competition series developed by Non Architecture to revisit issues that occupy society from a design point of view as the result of the changing .
Framed in three competitions:
Inclusive Parliament
2020 Monument
Future Public Space

PROJECT: (Non) Architectural Contest
YEAR: 2020
DURATION: 6 months
MEDIA PARTNERS: KoozArch, AxoMadness, C_A_G_E_, Supra Order, ArqPedia, One House Per Day, ArchiBoom, ActOfMapping, BetaArchitecture, architectureONpaper, Urbandesign.lab, Show it better, Landscape.first, Hidden Architecture


Every year typically has a few defining moments, but the year 2020 have contained so far, several world-changing and paradigm-shifting developments. This year has become a global milestone, marked with important social and political events: the black lives matter movement, racial unrest, the global refugee’s crisis, gender equality fight, Brexit and the COVID 19 Pandemics, all prove that 2020 holds a unique potential to change the world.

Making our society more inclusive has both economic and social benefits – but how do we get there? Despite wide recognition and commitment, building inclusive cities remains a challenge. It is time for designers to evolve and develop new shared typologies which move beyond the idea of sharing as a social commodity towards an inclusive culture which values diversity.

Living Together is a compilation of design challenges that aim to promote inclusion in different perspectives.

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